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UN Разъемы

UN Разъемы

RB75 - Brass caps with metallic continuity for connectors. Caps to adapt the connector thread into gas thread, to avoid cable gland use.



Код Описание Стандартная упаковка Minimum Quantity CAD Модели Availability Unit Price
RB7534B CONNECTOR CAP RB 75/34B 5 50 Download
RB7535 CONNECTOR CAP RB 75/35 5 50 Download
RB7535A CONNECTOR CAP RB 75/35A 5 50 Download
RB7535B CONNECTOR CAP RB 75/35B 5 10 Download
RB7536 CONNECTOR CAP RB 75/36 2 10 Download
RB7536A CONNECTOR CAP RB 75/36A 2 10 Download
RB7536B CONNECTOR CAP RB 75/36B 2 10 Download

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