P...MG - Złączki obrotowe: Stosowane w kolejnictwie


P...MG - Złączki obrotowe

P...MG - Złączki obrotowe

P...MG - Brass nickel plated fittings revolving male thread for over-braid corrugated conduits. Brass fittings nickel plated made with CM technology. These male swivel fittings provide secure connections with corrugated conduits covered by galvanised carbon steel or stainless steel AISI 304 braid. Connection between fittings and conduits are assured by a metal ferrule and a nylon ring. The special construction of the metal ferrule allows push-in connection with the conduit offering excellent resistance to traction forces and vibration. The connection is complemented by the nylon ring which holds the flexible conduit in place and guarantees up to IP67 ingress protection.



Kod: Opis Ilosc w opakowaniu Minimum Quantity Modele CAD Availability Unit Price
P12MG1211 REVOLVING MALE P12MG12 PG11 20 Download
P12MG1216 REVOLVING MALE P12MG12 PG16 20 Download
P17MG1816 REVOLVING MALE P17MG18 PG16 10 Download
P17MG1821 REVOLVING MALE P17MG18 PG21 10 Download
P29MG2929 REVOLVING MALE P29MG29 PG29 5 Download
P36MG4036 REVOLVING MALE P36MG40 PG36 5 Download
P36MG4042 REVOLVING MALE P36MG40 PG42 5 Download
P12MG12M16 REVOLVING MALE P12MG16 M16X1,5 20 Download
P17MG1820 REVOLVING MALE P17MG18 M20X1,5 10 Download
P17MG1825 REVOLVING MALE P17MG18 M25X1,5 10 Download
P23MG2325 REVOLVING MALE SMPFT23 ISO25 10 Download
P23MG2332 REVOLVING MALE P23MG23 M32X1,5 10 Download
P29MG2932 REVOLVING MALE P29MG29 M32X1,5 5 Download
P36MG4040 REVOLVING MALE P36MG40 M40X1,5 5 Download
P36MG4050 REVOLVING MALE P36MG40 M50X1,5 5 Download
P48MG5063 REVOLVING MALE P48MG63 M63X1,5 2 Download
P48MG5063F 2 Download


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