NCO - Nieobrotowy gwint UNEF: Stosowane w kolejnictwie


NCO - Nieobrotowy gwint UNEF

NCO - Nieobrotowy gwint UNEF

NCO - Brass fittings for naked conduits with metallic continuity. Connection of fitting and conduit are assured by a metal ferrule and a nylon ring. The special construction and threading of the metal ferrule allows internal screw connection with the metal conduit offering excellent resistance to traction and vibration. The connection is complemented by the nylon ring which blocks the flexible conduit in place.



Kod: Opis Ilosc w opakowaniu Minimum Quantity Modele CAD Availability Unit Price
NCO2110 FEM.THREAD CONNECTOR NCO 2110 5/8" 20UNEF 20 Download
NCO2315 FEM.THREAD CONNECTOR NCO 2315 7/8" 20UNEF 20 Download
NCO2820 FEM.THREAD CONNECTOR NCO 2820 1"3/8 18UNEF 10 Download
NCO2920 FEM.THREAD CONNECTOR NCO 2920 1"7/16 18UNEF 10 Download
NCO2927 FEM.THREAD CONNECTOR NCO 2927 1"7/16 18UNEF 10 Download
NCO3035 FEM.THREAD CONNECTOR NCO 3035 1"5/8 18UNEF 5 Download
NCO3140 FEM.THREAD CONNECTOR NCO 3140 1"3/4 18UNS 5 Download
NCO3550 FEM.THREAD CONNECTOR NCO 3550 2"1/4 16UN 2 Download


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