SFB - Laczniki Burndy - ITT Cannon Trident: Stosowane w kolejnictwie


SFB - Laczniki Burndy - ITT Cannon Trident

SFB - Laczniki Burndy - ITT Cannon Trident

SFB - Female fitting UNEF thread adapter for Burndy UTG-6 / ITT Cannon Trident. Female adapter, type SF with UNEF plastic thread designed for adaptation to Burndy electrical connectors. Suit to standard requirements in industrial and electro technical installation applications as well as for increased requirements in heavy industry and railway applications.



Kod: Opis Ilosc w opakowaniu Minimum Quantity Modele CAD Availability Unit Price
6BSFB12U10 FEMALE ADAPTER BUR12 13/16"20 50 Download
6BSFB17U12 FEMALE ADAPTER BUR17 15/16"20 50 Download
6BSFB17U16 FEMALE ADAPTER BUR17 1"3/16 18 50 Download
6BSFB23U16 FEMALE ADAPTER BUR23 1"3/16 18 30 Download
6BSFB23U20 FEMALE ADAPTER BUR23 1"7/16 18 30 Download
6BSFB29U20 FEMALE ADAPTER BUR29 1"7/16 18 20 Download


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