EMCA - Adaptery do Oplot ekranujacy: Stosowane w kolejnictwie


EMCA - Adaptery do Oplot ekranujacy

EMCA - Adaptery do Oplot ekranujacy

EMCA - Tin-plated copper braid adapters. EMCA adapters are mainly used in the industrial and railway fields with the aim to screen the cables from electromagnetic interferences. An optimal screening is guaranteed through 360° clamping of the copper braid TRCU to the adapter. Low impedance connection allows high short circuit currents to pass. For use in applications, installations and systems where the requirements of EC EMC regulations must be fulfilled.



Kod: Opis Ilosc w opakowaniu Minimum Quantity Modele CAD Availability Unit Price
EMCAM2020 ADAPTER FOR TR10CU M20X1,5 10 Download
EMCAM2525 ADAPTER FOR TR16CU M25X1,5 10 Download
EMCAM3232 ADAPTER FOR TR20CU M32X1,5 5 Download
EMCAM4040 ADAPTER FOR TR30CU M40X1,5 5 Download
EMCAM5050 ADAPTER FOR TR35CU M50X1,5 2 Download


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