HFA - Poszerzony gwint PG: Dlawnice


HFA - Poszerzony gwint PG

HFA - Poszerzony gwint PG

HF - UNI HF EMC cable glands In conjunction with screened cables, lines and hoses, combining insert sealings with tapers and endless spring washers results in the cable sheath being bonded for a whole host of variations and application possibilities. In its dimensions the UNI HF Dicht® cable gland falls in line with the standard UNI Dicht® types.



Kod: Opis Ilosc w opakowaniu Minimum Quantity Modele CAD Availability Unit Price
HFA070600A 50
HFA070901A 50
HFA090601A 50
HFA090903A 50
HFA091103A 50
HFA111305A 50
HFA161307A 25
HFA161608A 25
HFA161809A 25
HFA211810B 25
HFA212018A 25
HFA212519A 25
HFA292813A 10
HFA293415A 10


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