EZ: Dlawnice



X_EZ - UNI EMC cable glands The “smallest” design of the EMC cable thread is UNI Interference Suppression that still meets DIN VDE 0871. The double nipple has an outer taper which the cable screen braid that has been slightly widened beforehand is simply pushed onto. The pressure nut presses the screen braid firmly against the taper via the seal.



Kod: Opis Ilosc w opakowaniu Minimum Quantity Modele CAD Availability Unit Price
X150EZ0907 50
X15152EZ1310 50
X151EZ0907 50
X151EZ1108 50
X15253EZ1612 1
X152EZ0907 50
X152EZ1310 50
X15354EZ1814 1
X153EZ1108 50
X153EZ1310 50
X153EZ1612 50
X15455EZ2520 10
X15455EZ2823 10
X154E1614 20
X154EZ1814 25
X154EZ2117 25
X15556EZ3227 5
X155EZ2520 10
X155EZ2823 10
X156EZ3227 5


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