GPRF - Wkladki do kabli plaskich: Dlawnice


GPRF - Wkladki do kabli plaskich

GPRF - Wkladki do kabli plaskich

GPRF Flat cables cannot be installed with standard inserts. However is possible achieve an excellent perfomance using flat cables seals.



Kod: Opis Ilosc w opakowaniu Minimum Quantity Modele CAD Availability Unit Price
GPR09F35G55 ROUND-FLAT SEAL 3,5x5,5 PG09 100
GPR11F35G9 ROUND-FLAT SEAL 3,5x9 PG11 100
GPR13F5V12 OVAL-FLAT SEAL 5 x12 PG13,5 100
GPR13F5V8 OVAL-FLAT SEAL 5 x 8 PG13,5 100
GPR16F5G16 ROUND-FLAT SEAL 5 x16 PG16 100
GPR16F5V12 OVAL-FLAT SEAL 5 x 12 PG16 100
GPR16F75G14 OVAL-FLAT SEAL 7,5x 14 PG16 100
GPR21F7G18 ROUND-FLAT SEAL 7 x18 PG21 50
GPR21F7V20 OVAL-FLAT SEAL 7 x 20 PG21 50
GPR29F10G25 ROUND-FLAT SEAL 10 x25 PG29 25
GPR29F10V27 OVAL-FLAT SEAL 10x 27 PG29 25
GPR36F11G34 ROUND-FLAT SEAL 11 x34 PG36 10
GPR36F12G35 ROUND-FLAT SEAL 12 x35 PG36 10
GPR36F65V32 OVAL-FLAT SEAL 6,5x32 PG36 10
GPR36F6G36 ROUND-FLAT SEAL 6 x36 PG36 10
GPR48F15G45 ROUND-FLAT SEAL 15 x45 PG48 10
GPR48F65G47 ROUND-FLAT SEAL 6,5x47 PG48 10

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