FIFR X - Raccord joint tube-gaine INOX: Système métal


FIFR X - Raccord joint tube-gaine INOX

FIFR X - Raccord joint tube-gaine INOX

FIFR...X316 - Raccords tube-gaine en acier inox AISI 316L la continuité métallique aux tubes STDX. FIFR fittings allow the connection between Teaflex stainless steel pipe STDX (AISI 304 and AISI 316L) to flexible metal sheated conduits (DARX). Particularly suitable for harsh environment installation where a high resistance of the materials is required: highways and railways (including tunnels), chemical and petrochemical, farmaceutical, food industry sectors.



Code Description Emballage standard Minimum Quantity CAD dessin Availability Prix unitaire
FIFR1615X316 RACCORD 16/15 INOX AISI316L 20 50
FIFR2015X316 RACCORD 20/15 INOX AISI316L 20 50
FIFR2020X316 RACCORD 20/20 INOX AISI316L 10 50
FIFR2520X316 RACCORD 25/20 INOX AISI316L 10 50
FIFR2525X316 RACCORD 25/25 INOX AISI316L 10 50
FIFR3227X316 RACCORD 32/27 INOX AISI316L 5 50
FIFR3233X316 RACCORD 32/33 INOX AISI316L 5 50
FIFR4035X316 RACCORD 40/35 INOX AISI316L 5 50
FIFR4040X316 RACCORD 40/40 INOX AISI316L 5 50
FIFR5050X316 RACCORD 50/50 INOX AISI316L 2 50

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