PE - Polyester braid sleeve: Railways applications


PE - Polyester braid sleeve

PE - Polyester braid sleeve

Polyester, free of halogens, phosphor and cadmium. The polyester braided sleeve PEH and PEV features great flexibility. They allows the protection and wrapping of every cable or cable set even in narrow spaces. The PEV braided sleeve has an even better fire resistance than PEH braided sleeves.



Code Description Standard package Minimum Quantity CAD Models Availability Unit Price
Black color
PEHB04N BLACK PEHB BRAID 04MM RAL 9005 100 400 Download
PEHB05N BLACK PEHB BRAID 05MM RAL 9005 100 Download
PEHB06N BLACK PEHB BRAID 06MM RAL 9005 100 Download
PEHB08N BLACK PEHB BRAID 08MM RAL 9005 100 Download
PEHB10N BLACK PEHB BRAID 10MM RAL 9005 100 Download
PEHB12N BLACK PEHB BRAID 12MM RAL 9005 50 Download
PEHB16N BLACK PEHB BRAID 16MM RAL 9005 50 Download
PEHB20N BLACK PEHB BRAID 20MM RAL 9005 50 Download
PEHB25N BLACK PEHB BRAID 25MM RAL 9005 50 Download
PEHB30N BLACK PEHB BRAID 30MM RAL 9005 25 Download
PEHB40N BLACK PEHB BRAID 40MM RAL 9005 25 Download
PEHB50N BLACK PEHB BRAID 50MM RAL 9005 25 Download
Grey color
PEHB04G GREY PEHB BRAID 04MM RAL 7037 100 400 Download
PEHB05G GREY PEHB BRAID 05MM RAL 7037 100 400 Download
PEHB06G GREY PEHB BRAID 06MM RAL 7037 100 Download
PEHB08G GREY PEHB BRAID 08MM RAL 7037 100 Download
PEHB10G GREY PEHB BRAID 10MM RAL 7037 100 Download
PEHB12G GREY PEHB BRAID 12MM RAL 7037 50 Download
PEHB16G GREY PEHB BRAID 16MM RAL 7037 50 Download
PEHB20G GREY PEHB BRAID 20MM RAL 7037 50 Download
PEHB25G GREY PEHB BRAID 25MM RAL 7037 50 Download
PEHB30G GREY PEHB BRAID 30MM RAL 7037 25 Download
PEHB40G GREY PEHB BRAID 40MM RAL 7037 25 Download
PEHB50G GREY PEHB BRAID 50MM RAL 7037 25 Download

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