FL - 90° Elbow flange: Polyamide system


FL - 90° Elbow flange

FL - 90° Elbow flange

FL - 90° Curved elbow flange. 90° curved elbow fittings, type FL with flange adaptation. Curved elbow shape allow easy pull-in of wires and cables during assembling. No sharp edges inside that may damage the insulation of the conductors. Suit to standard requirements in industrial and electro technical installation applications as well as for increased requirements in heavy industry and railway applications.



Code Description Standard package Minimum Quantity CAD Models Availability Unit Price
Black color
8BFL17 FLANGE 90° IP68 FL17 BLACK 50 Download
8BFL23 FLANGE 90° IP68 FL23 BLACK 30 Download
8BFL29 FLANGE 90° IP68 FL29 BLACK 20 Download
8BFL36 FLANGE 90° IP68 FL36 BLACK 20 Download
8BFL48 FLANGE 90° IP68 FL48 BLACK 10 Download
Grey color
8GFL17 FLANGE 90° IP68 FL17 GREY 50 500 Download
8GFL23 FLANGE 90° IP68 FL23 GREY 30 Download
8GFL29 FLANGE 90° IP68 FL29 GREY 20 Download
8GFL36 FLANGE 90° IP68 FL36 GREY 20 Download
8GFL48 FLANGE 90° IP68 FL48 GREY 10 Download

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