GLMB - Blue: PVC system


GLMB - Blue

GLMB - Blue

GLM - Revolving self-locking fitting made of PVC with IP rating IP65. This fitting is composed of two specific parts but mechanically joint. The first part can be bound to the fixed structure (derivation box, engine) either directly or through a lock-nut. The second part is oriented to the connection with the sheath. In average conditions the two parts are free to rotate around the axle, preventing from sheath torsion. If necessary, through proper joint surfaces and a mutual translation movement it is possible to lock the rotation related to the two parts of the pipe fitting, obtaining a fixed configuration. The pipe-fitting can be, according to the user’s needs, either revolving or fixed. The insert of OR in the hexagon of the threaded part yields the fittings perfectly liquid-tight.



Code Description Standard package Minimum Quantity CAD Models Availability Unit Price
PG thread
GLMB1013 BLUE PVC FITTING GLM10 PG13,5 RAL 5015 50 Download
GLMB1209 BLUE PVC FITTING GLM12 PG09 RAL 5015 50 Download
GLMB1211 BLUE PVC FITTING GLM12 PG11 RAL 5015 50 Download
GLMB1616 BLUE PVC FITTING GLM16 PG16 RAL 5015 50 Download
GLMB2829 BLUE PVC FITTING GLM28 PG29 RAL 5015 25 Download
GAS thread
GLMB12A BLUE PVC FITTING GLM12A 1/2" RAL 5015 50 Download
GLMB16 BLUE PVC FITTING GLM16 1/2" RAL 5015 50 Download
GLMB20 BLUE PVC FITTING GLM20 3/4" RAL 5015 50 Download
GLMB22 BLUE PVC FITTING GLM22 3/4" RAL 5015 50 Download
GLMB28 BLUE PVC FITTING GLM28 1" RAL 5015 25 Download
ISO metric thread
GLMB12M16 BLUE PVC FITTING GLM12 ISO 16 RAL 5015 50 Download
GLMB16M20 BLUE PVC FITTING GLM16 ISO 20 RAL 5015 50 Download
GLMB20M25 BLUE PVC FITTING GLM20 ISO 25 RAL 5015 50 Download

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