ESM - Male thread: Metallic system


ESM - Male thread

ESM - Male thread

ESM - Brass self-locking fittings male thread. The ES Series fittings provide practical, economic and secure connections with the STD zinc plated pipe without need of threading the pipe. The special construction of the cut ring, carefully researched by Teaflex, provides excellent mechanical hold in all conditions without any need of force, while the special sealing ring guarantees IP 67 protection rate. Degree of protection IP 67, electrical continuity -3 x 10^-3 Ω/m as IMQ report N°610.



Code Description Standard package Minimum Quantity CAD Models Availability Unit Price
GAS thread
ESM16 MALE CONNECTOR ESM 16 1/2" 20 Download
ESM20 MALE CONNECTOR ESM 20 PG16 20 Download
ESM20A MALE CONNECTOR ESM 20A 1/2" 20 Download
ESM20B MALE CONNECTOR ESM 20B 3/4" 20 Download
ESM25A MALE CONNECTOR ESM 25A 3/4" 10 Download
ESM32 MALE CONNECTOR ESM 32 1" 10 Download
ESM40 MALE CONNECTOR ESM 40 1"1/4" 5 Download
ESM50 MALE CONNECTOR ESM 50 1"1/2" 5 Download
ESM60 MALE CONNECTOR ESM 60 2" 2 Download
ISO metric thread
ESM16M MALE CONNECTOR ESM 16 M16X1,5 20 Download
ESM20M MALE CONNECTOR ESM 20 M20X1,5 20 Download
ESM32M MALE CONNECTOR ESM 32 M32X1,5 10 Download
ESM40M MALE CONNECTOR ESM 40 M40X1,5 5 Download

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