DE - Lock nuts for equipotential bonding: Electromagnetic compatibility


DE - Lock nuts for equipotential bonding

DE - Lock nuts for equipotential bonding

DE - Equipotential bonding lock nuts. To ensure permanent bonding between the cable gland and housing in painted or coated housings, a lock nut with 6 teeth which cut into the coating automatically when tightened, thus providing equipotential bonding. Moreover, this type of attachment increases the installation’s resistance to vibration. The Problem ... Painted or powder-coated housing cannot be incorporated directly in the equipotential bonding system. The contact surface must be made clean. ... The Solution The 6 teeth of the lock nut for equipotential bonding scrape into the insulating layers of paint or powder and create a vibration-resistant contact • no surface corrosion. • very lowohm transition: gland/housing. • no need to clean contact surface. • additional increases the installed vibration-resistance through frictional connection.



Code Description Standard package Minimum Quantity CAD Models Availability Unit Price
PG thread
DE20 EARTHING LOCK NUT DE20 PG07 50 Download
DE21 EARTHING LOCK NUT DE21 PG09 50 Download
DE22 EARTHING LOCK NUT DE22 PG11 50 Download
DE23 EARTHING LOCK NUT DE23 PG13,5 50 Download
DE24 EARTHING LOCK NUT DE24 PG16 50 Download
DE25 EARTHING LOCK NUT DE25 PG21 50 Download
DE26 EARTHING LOCK NUT DE26 PG29 50 Download
DE27 EARTHING LOCK NUT DE27 PG36 25 Download
DE28 EARTHING LOCK NUT DE28 PG42 10 Download
DE29 EARTHING LOCK NUT DE29 PG48 10 Download
ISO metric thread
DEM12 EARTHING LOCK NUT M12X1,5 50 Download
DEM16 EARTHING LOCK NUT M16X1,5 50 Download
DEM20 EARTHING LOCK NUT M20X1,5 50 Download
DEM25 EARTHING LOCK NUT M25X1,5 50 Download
DEM32 EARTHING LOCK NUT M32X1,5 50 Download
DEM40 EARTHING LOCK NUT M40X1,5 50 Download
DEM50 EARTHING LOCK NUT M50X1,5 10 Download
DEM63 EARTHING LOCK NUT M63X1,5 10 Download

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