PTE - Colour black: Cable glands


PTE - Colour black

PTE - Colour black

Economic line cable glands including LOCKNUT made of POLYAMIDE. They are suitable for use in an exceptionally wide range of areas, from civil and industrial plants, to robotics, electric and nuclear power stations, machine tools etc.



Code Description Standard package Minimum Quantity CAD Models Availability Unit Price
PG thread
PTE07N PA6 CAB.GLAND PG7 4-6,5 BLACK IP68 50 Download
PTE09N PA6 CAB.GLAND PG9 5- 8 BLACK IP68 50 Download
PTE11N PA6 CABLEGLAND PG11 5- 9 BLACK IP68 50 Download
PTE13N PA6 CABLEGLAND PG13 8-12 BLACK IP68 50 Download
PTE16N PA6 CAB.GLAND PG16 10-14 BLACK IP68 50 Download
PTE21N PA6 CAB.GLAND PG21 12-16 BLACK IP68 10 Download
PTE29N PA6 CAB.GLAND PG29 18-25 BLACK IP68 10 Download
PTE36N PA6 CAB.GLAND PG36 28-32 BLACK IP68 5 Download
PTE42N PA6 CAB.GLAND PG42 34-40 BLACK IP68 5 Download
PTE48N PA6 CAB.GLAND PG48 34-42 BLACK IP68 5 Download
ISO metric thread
PTEM12N PA6 CABL.GLANDM12 4,5-6,5BLACK IP68 50 Download
PTEM16N PA6 CABL.GLAND M16 6 - 8 BLACK IP68 50 Download
PTEM20N PA6 CABL.GLAND M20 8 -12 BLACK IP68 50 Download
PTEM25N PA6 CABL.GLAND M25 10-13 BLACK IP68 50 Download
PTEM32N PA6 CABL.GLAND M32 18-22 BLACK IP68 10 Download
PTEM40N PA6 CABL.GLAND M40 21-25 BLACK IP68 5 Download
PTEM50N PA6 CABL.GLAND M50 28-35 BLACK IP68 5 Download
PTEM63N PA6 CABL.GLAND M25 40-43 BLACK IP68 5 Download

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