GPRF - Flat cable sealing: Cable glands


GPRF - Flat cable sealing

GPRF - Flat cable sealing

GPRF Flat cables cannot be installed with standard inserts. However is possible achieve an excellent perfomance using flat cables seals.



Code Description Standard package Minimum Quantity CAD Models Availability Unit Price
GPR09F35G55 ROUND-FLAT SEAL 3,5x5,5 PG09 100
GPR11F35G9 ROUND-FLAT SEAL 3,5x9 PG11 100
GPR13F5V12 OVAL-FLAT SEAL 5 x12 PG13,5 100
GPR13F5V8 OVAL-FLAT SEAL 5 x 8 PG13,5 100
GPR16F5G16 ROUND-FLAT SEAL 5 x16 PG16 100
GPR16F5V12 OVAL-FLAT SEAL 5 x 12 PG16 100
GPR16F75G14 OVAL-FLAT SEAL 7,5x 14 PG16 100
GPR21F7G18 ROUND-FLAT SEAL 7 x18 PG21 50
GPR21F7V20 OVAL-FLAT SEAL 7 x 20 PG21 50
GPR29F10G25 ROUND-FLAT SEAL 10 x25 PG29 25
GPR29F10V27 OVAL-FLAT SEAL 10x 27 PG29 25
GPR36F11G34 ROUND-FLAT SEAL 11 x34 PG36 10
GPR36F12G35 ROUND-FLAT SEAL 12 x35 PG36 10
GPR36F65V32 OVAL-FLAT SEAL 6,5x32 PG36 10
GPR36F6G36 ROUND-FLAT SEAL 6 x36 PG36 10
GPR48F15G45 ROUND-FLAT SEAL 15 x45 PG48 10
GPR48F65G47 ROUND-FLAT SEAL 6,5x47 PG48 10

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